Google Reviews from Patients Treated by Dr Edris

I went through as many doctors as my insurance had...

Do you want to actually fix your issues, then you need to see Dr. Edris. Here is my experience: I had a pinched nerve in my brachial plexus. I went through as many doctors as my insurance had, including a neurologist and spine specialists and even a spine surgeon. The final result I had was constant pain from a level 2 through 8, in my neck, shoulder, armpit, scapula area, and entire left arm. Somedays I could not even use the arm and would have numbness. The pain came through the ulnar nerve and the median nerve both. The only advice I could get was "do some stretching" as nothing showed in the MRI's. I found Dr. Edris from another friend that had chronic pain that was relieved. After 3 visits, and realigning multiple layers of years of issues, there is no more pain! Therefore, I decided to see if he could fix my other issues as well, which included sinus pressure issues and migraines. After a couple more visits those have relief finally as well. The Osteopathy specialty ( a full medical doctor) varies greatly from doctor to doctor and many D.O.'s do not even do neuromuscular skeletal manipulation. He also differs on the plan of action, he strives to actually fix your issues and not need continued manipulation, as well as working with the whole body. (Unlike a chiropractor that is not a full Doctor, only works with a spine and requires continued manipulation.) Other areas he has helped my family members with are TMJ, CMT and other neuromuscular disorders, Hip Dysplasia, Jaw alignments (avoiding unneeded and costly orthodontic work), old injuries, COVID respiratory recovery, and other migraine causes. He is amazing and my whole family is lucky that he is around and available.

...he uses techniques that are so gentle 

As a long-time patient of Dr. Edris, this review is long overdue. I’ve hesitated because it’s hard to put into words what a substantial impact he has made in every area of my life.

I have a complex medical history, including ME/CFS, autoimmune conditions, and the genetic connective tissue disorder Ehlers Danlos type III.

Last year I suffered near internal decapitation when the ligaments under my skull gave out. I was life-flighted across the US to the only neurosurgeon specialized in EDS. That surgery saved my life the the immediate sense, but I was still severely unstable from my conditions, choking on puréed food, unable to walk on hips that popped out of their sockets, and fully dependent on my husband for every aspect of daily living. Trapped in a wheelchair, unable to even use the bathroom by myself at 31, I began to lose hope. The toll the surgery took on my body was beyond anything I could have imagined and my physical and mental health crumbled under the burden. I had survived but I wasn’t living.

I knew Dr. Edris had innate talent from the first day he worked on me. My body is so delicate that even the most specialized EDS clinic was unable to help me. When they forced my bones back into place it only caused my body to go into spasms that left me in more pain than when I started. Dr. Edris never tried to push or pull my body back together. Instead he uses techniques that are so gentle it’s as though he’s simply reminding my body how to exist in a normal, healthy state. He works on the fascia (the tissue that acts like a spider’s web all over my organs, bones, and vasculature), unwinding patterns of tension until everything is balanced. Once the tissues in my body are balanced, my bones easily slide back into place all on their own.

I have also responded amazingly well to Dr. Edris’s style of dry needling, which helps reset my nervous system. I can actually feel a difference in my heart just from him using needles to balance the muscle tension in my legs. His work has decreased my autonomic nervous system dysregulation, resulting in better sleep and a more stable heart rate. I also appreciate that he is circumspect in deciding which muscles to release, making sure to keep everything balanced and functioning as close to a healthy body as possible. He has never simply released tight muscles, leaving me loose and lopsided, a formula for dislocation for any EDS patient.

As a young woman with chronic pain I especially appreciate Dr. Edris’s compassion and understanding. He has always validated my suffering while giving me hope that I can continue to improve and live a full life. Unlike many doctors I’ve worked with in the past, Dr. Edris doesn’t simply treat the area of pain, he works to understand the root cause, addressing the core dysfunction.

Before Dr. Edris I was afraid to do anything. The risk was too great. If I tried to put on a shirt and dislocated my spine so badly that I couldn’t feel my arms, then what? The ER isn’t equipped to deal with patients whose bones are out of place due to something other than a high-speed automobile accident. Knowing that Dr Edris can get my hips in their sockets, align my pelvis, and straighten my cervical vertebrae gave me the safety net I needed to start living again. I have gone from being fully confined to a wheelchair to walking a mile a day (split into 4 mini walks), showering on my own, and returning to my hobbies of drawing and crafting dollhouse miniatures. I’ve been able to wean off the brace that sat over my hips. The first day I removed it I shook with fear, now I relish the freedom of movement.

Like any patient with a chronic health condition I still have fears and anxieties about the future, but Dr. Edris has given me the strength (both literally and spiritually) to look forward to my life again. There really aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. He’s a one in a million doctor, both in terms of raw talent and earnest compassion. He is a gift to the medical field and to us patients who would be lost without him.

Worth every penny!!! 

Worth every penny!!! Anyone who has EDS, Mast Cell and/or POTS should see Dr. Edris. My daughter and I have to see multiple practitioners each week. We did not want to add an additional physician to see but were told Dr Edris was amazing. We both left Dr. Edris office feeling great and believe this will last longer each time we see him. My daughter had her port removed a couple of days ago and was unable to move her arm prior to seeing him. She drove us home! Updates coming….

...a kind and understanding physician

Dr. Ed is patient, professional, warm hearted and extremely skilled at his work. I sustained an injury six years ago, and despite countless hours of physical therapy with multiple therapy groups my condition plateaued at best, but generally worsened. Six weeks after I started seeing Dr. Ed, my gait pattern and walking speed improved dramatically. It had been so long I had genuinely forgotten what it was like to walk normally. I have often been met with contempt or confusion by other practitioners, because my condition was a hard case, but not Dr. Ed. He took a genuine interest in me and the results of his methodical approach were incredible. I cannot recommend Dr. Ed enough, not only as a phenomenal practitioner, but as a kind and understanding physician.